Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What will IT 4.0 look like?

There has been much talk about IT 3.0 of late – shifting the focus away from technology and process towards people and their needs: meeting user-centric demands for access to technology, any time, any place, on any device.  We have a pretty good idea of what IT 3.0 looks like, which raises the question - what will IT 4.0 look like?

  • Rocketpacks for faster desk-side visits.
  • Cold fusion powered servers that put power back into the national grid and smell of pine forests.
  • A 4D user interface which allows service desk analysts to go back in time and solve the root cause at the application development/infrastructure purchasing stage.
  • CMDB models the entire universe for Ultimate Impact Analysis©.
  • HiveMind crowdsourcing tool taps into the knowledge of advanced alien cultures.
  • Hot-swapping of staff in business units, as these are the components most prone to failure.
  • Borg monkeys hooked up to HiveMind provide cheap tech support staff.
  • Hypochondriac bio-servers that self-medicate when they get a sniffle.
  • Empathic network switches that also provide dating tips for tech support staff.
  • 7thSon™ module automatically orders and builds infrastructure in anticipation of the CEO’s 'back-from-a-conference' whims.
  • A 3D IT performance dashboard that picks up on the CIOs concerned facial expressions to automatically drill down into the database.
  • The Redundanator5000™ - A sentient service management system which monitors Twitter for emerging service demands - and designs and deploys new web services without human intervention or human error.
  • Solar-powered TCP/IP helmets turning people into thought-crowdsourcing internet nodes.
  • Edible hardware makes upgrades something to look forward to.
  • Mechanical pterodactyls automatically deployed to deliver cup-and-string-based communication solutions at short notice as a workaround for when VOIP and video-conferencing facilities fail.
  • Bruce Lee clone robots police the IT infrastructure to make sure servers don't get 'out of line'.
"What do you mean 'Fatal error in disk mode'?  I'll tear you another A drive!"

Contributions to IT 4.0 invited as comments.

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